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Roni Tsai

I am a product designer with a background in graphic design. I not only focus on aesthetics, but also care about user experience. I enjoy the process of problem-solving by rational and perceptual integrated thinking. I explore the needs from the user’s perspective to create designs with business value.

I enjoy minimalism in my daily life. I believe in “Less but better.” Curiosity makes me full of enthusiasm for learning all kinds of new things. I have many interests such as baking, skateboarding, traveling, etc. I have traveled to 20 countries and lived in France for half a year and in Germany for three months. I like to meet different people, learn languages ​​and cultures to broaden my horizon. I get inspiration from life and apply it to my designs.

My Value


Instead of  facing the problem directly, I prefer to think of “why” first. I like to observe clues and explore unknown fields to figure out the reason behind something.


I enjoy working with others to finish a project together. I care about communication within a team and empathize others’ opinions. Keeping an open-mind and co-working with different types of people makes me a better team player.


I have constant creative energy and am ready for all sorts of challenges. I am able to both work towards to future goals yet also concentrate on current projects. I hope to make a little change for the world and keep producing works of value.

My Inspirations

“Design isn’t about making things pretty. It is about creating value, long-term value for the client.”

— Chris Do, CEO & Founder at The Futur

“You can not understand good design if you do not understand people.”

— Dieter Rams, Braun Designer

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